His Name Was Prince

As Many of you may already know, we had one of our horses pass away on November 16th 2012.  This was a vast loss to us personally, to all our staff, and clients.  Prince was very active in helping to establish the Painted Horses, LLC program. His way of working with people was inspiring to me and encouraged me to have faith in the horse human connection to the point of building a business around this connection.  In his honor I have made this slide show,  I posted it on our FB page in November and I’m adding it to the blog today.  His loss is still felt today, and in retrospect even in his passing, he continues to exemplify the healing aspects of the horse and human connection. 

Prince will be greatly missed. Words cannot describe how he brought meaning to life, how he cared for others in his horse and human herds. How he offered a safe space in a relationship for those who chose to learn about Love, trust, and fun. Every time his hooves hit the ground he was spreading his good spirit everywhere.

I remember when I met Prince. I was looking for a horse that suits my family. I first saw him in a field of cows; he came trotting to the fence with such intent to interact with us, such curiosity and engagement. He didn’t mind the 3 and 4 year old children running around him and underneath him at times. I knew this was the horse for us, and later I discovered this was the horse for many others as well. We brought Prince to the barn, and the story begins.

I would go to the barn in the mornings he would always whinnie, and I would say Loudly , “Hello my equine friends”, then give Prince a kiss, a hug and remind him, “this all is happening because of you”. Prince and I started to work together with people, providing a place and opportunity for humans to learn and grow. Prince fostered such faith in horse and human relationships that I was honored to work next to him with people of all ages. He seemed to look after people, keep them safe. He also looked after his herd, and seemed to pass his wisdom, love and kindness to the other horses. He set a peaceful tone to the herd, which was felt by all who entered the barn. Prince never missed a day of work in his life no matter how challenging or laborious the task.

Prince was many things to many people someone’s, mother, brother, sister, Nana, someone’s issue, anxiety, depression, eating disorder, control, love or happiness. He was called many names by others and I believe he responded to them all. Interestingly, his names seem to be a representation of his character….. like, Spirit, Old Faithful, Old one, Wise One, Leader, Nana, Ben, Rex, Slurpee.

I often wonder how come a good horse like this left this world. We were all working so well together helping others, and he really made this barn seem so comforting, safe, full of love and life. I was reminded that maybe he left because he knew we could manage on our own having learned from him. I’m honored to have known him, to have shared life with him, and I grieve his loss deeply. Until we meet again my friend.

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