In the beginning:

  Standing in Mother’s Shadow

We all start somewhere!

Indaia was born July 31, 2009 in our barn.  It has been an indescribable event witnessing this new foal experience life from her first breaths, first stand, first nursing, to learning about herself, her relationship with her mother and the other herd members.  Each experience seems to be filled with curious learning, excitement and healthy fear as she explores her new world. The knowledge she gains from her experiences imprints in her memory, which she then draws upon to approach her new life experiences.   

Her mother is very influential in teaching her about her world right now.  She is showing Indaia how to eat, stay close to her, what is safe and unsafe, how to manage the other herd members, and people.  Indaia is literally and metaphorically in her mother’s shadow.  One day she will combine what she has learned from her mother and her own experiences and step out of her mother’s shadow.   Her future will be as she chooses it to be. 

We as people enter life, and learn in similar ways as  Indaia.  We all start somewhere, learn from our family and life experiences and move forward to becoming our own person.  Each moment is a new moment that we may approach in any manner that we choose. Our future’s are as we choose for them to be. 

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