Traditional Counseling

Looking for counseling in a relaxed environment? This is the place, join us in traditional counseling in a barn office. This type of therapy happens in office, and is what we call – traditional talk therapy. Although, you will have to walk past our horses into the barn office for this service.

In the first few sessions, we will work collaboratively with you to define what the problems are, what your goals are, and begin to discuss solutions. Our approach is general, and diverse in nature as we adapt therapeutic interventions to meet your needs. Approaches may vary with a combination of experiential, some cognitive-behavioral, structural, approaches, and more. We do tend to attempt to be as experiential as possible in the office, and place a strong emphasis on using metaphors based off these experiences with the hope that you can apply these metaphors throughout your everyday life

Whatever you vividly imagine,

ardently desire, and

enthusiastically act upon

must inevitably come to pass!

Paul J. Myer

Change the way

you look at things,

and things you

look at change.

Dr. Dyer

We essentially believe that all of us encounter struggles in life, be it good or bad. Furthermore, we believe it is the way in which we manage, or cope with these struggles that make a difference. During strenuous times it is natural for individuals to experience a wide range of emotions. However, many of our problems actually arise because we try to avoid, deny, or suppress emotions. Being in a counseling process during these times of struggles may allow you the opportunity to feel supported, and strengthened by working through your emotions when you need it most. We try to create a space where you can begin to allow yourself to feel these emotions, and work through them in a safe manner.

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