Riding Lessons

April Roglitz, Alli Winkelman and Kathleen Gallant work at Painted Horses, LLC as Equine Specialist in the counseling process, and riding instructors during riding lessons.

The basis of our riding philosophy is to allow horses to “be horses” as much as possible, and aspire towards gaining a positive horse-human working relationship that encompasses mutual trust, and respect. We aid people in getting familiar with, and working with, horses in a natural way (see natural horsemanship). We use the English Style of riding in mounted lessons. If you are in counseling at Painted Horses, LLC you may not receive lessons from a Counselor or Equine Specialist associated with your therapeutic care.

Costs & Packages

Lessons are $45.00 an hour in a private session. If you purchase a lesson package, and prepay there are discounts that may be applied. In special circumstances when an individual’s level of competency with horses is achieved to our satisfaction, arrangements have been made for individuals to volunteer to work with the horses in exchange for decrease in rate of pay for lessons. Arrangements as such are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If you bring your own horse to lessons, rates will be decreased.


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