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There has been many requests for Painted Horses LLC One Page Flyers. We have converted the flyers to a format that is easily downloadable and placed them here on the blog. We hope this helps.

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Divine Equine and Discovering Women Flyer

Divine Equine and Discovering Women

Painted Horses, LLC is offering a therapeutic women’s group- Divine Equine and Discovering Women- on Tuesday’s from 5:30 to 7:00pm. Download a brochure and contact us if interested.Divine Equine and Discovering Women

William James

”The real voyage in self-discovery is not seeking new lands but in seeing old lands with new eyes”,   Willam James 

I wanted to post this quote  and biography as it seemed meaningful to me. As a counselor, I am often in witness to people’s journey to self-discovery. This, in part, is why Painted Horses LLC is named Painted Horses. Self-discovery comes from the therapeutic interaction between horse and human, and the painting of the horse is an external representation, or a metaphor, of this process. We all have journeys to self-discovery, and I find the writer of this quote, and his journey to self-discovery an interesting one as well.  His journey has led to self-discovery that he contemplated, cultivated, shared, and expanded upon as psychological theories that contributed to ways in which we view psychology today. I share in admiration of his journey and his willingness to share his journey of self-discovery with the world. The following is a biography written by Kendra Cherry posted on psychology page which gives insight into William James, his life and journeys to self discovery which later seems to aid him in formulating psychological theories.  

William James was born into an affluent family. His father was deeply interested in philosophy and theology and strove to provide his children with a rich education.  The James children traveled to Europe frequently, attended the best possible schools, and were immersed in culture and art, which apparently paid off – William James went on to become one of the most important figures in psychology, while brother Henry James became one of the most acclaimed American novelists. 

Early in school, James expressed an interest in becoming a painter. While Henry James Sr. was known as an unusually permissive and liberal father, he wanted William to study science or philosophy. Only after William persisted in his interest did Henry permit his son to formally study painting.  After studying painting with the artist William Morris Hunt for more than a year, James abandoned his dream of being a painter and enrolled at Harvard to study chemistry. While two of James’ brothers enlisted to serve in the American Civil War, William and Henry did not due to health problems.

As the family money began to dwindle, William realized he would need to support himself and switched to Harvard Medical School. Unhappy with medicine as well, he left on an expedition with naturalist Louis Agassiz, although the experience was not a happy one. “I was, body and soul, in a more indescribably hopeless, homeless and friendless state than I ever want to be in again,” he later wrote.  Suffering from health problems and severe depression, James spent the  two years in France and Germany. It was during this time that he studied with Hermann von Helmholtz and became increasingly interested in psychology.

After graduating from Harvard Medical School in 1869, James continued to sink into depression. After a period of inactivity, the president of Harvard offered James a position as an instructor. While he famously commented that “the first lecture on psychology I ever heard being the first I ever gave,” James accepted the job and went on to teach at Harvard for the next 35 years. James also founded one of the first experimental psychology laboratories in the United States.

His classic textbook The Principles of Psychology (1890) was widely acclaimed, but some were critical of James’ personal, literary tone. “It is literature,” psychologist Wilhelm Wundt famously commented, “it is beautiful, but it is not psychology.” Two years later, James published a condensed version of the work titled Psychology: The Briefer Course. The two books were widely used by students of psychology and were known to most as “the James” and “the Jimmy” respectively.

William James – Theory:
Pragmatism  James wrote considerably on the concept of pragmatism. According to pragmatism, the truth of an idea can never be proven. James proposed we instead focus on what he called the “cash value,” or usefulness, of an idea.

James opposed the structuralism focus on introspection and breaking down mental events to the smallest elements. Instead, James focused on the wholeness of an event, taking into the impact of the environment on behavior.

James-Lange Theory of Emotion
The James-Lange theory of emotion proposes that an event triggers a physiological reaction, which we then interpret. According to this theory, emotions are caused by our interpretations of these physiological reactions. Both James and the Danish physiologist Carl Lange independently proposed the theory.
Influence on Psychology
In addition to his own enormous influence, many of James’ students went on to have prosperous and influential career in psychology. Some of James’ students included Mary Whiton Calkins, Edward Thorndike, G. Stanley Hall and John Dewey.

Selected Works by William James
•James, William (1890) The Principles of Psychology. Classics in the History of Psychology, an internet resource developed by Christopher D. Green of York University, Toronto, Ontario.
•James, William (1897) The Will to Believe
•James, William (1907) Pragmatism: A new name for some old ways of thinking.  New York: Longman Green and Co.

Painted Horses, LLC Christmas 2010

Having a little fun at Christmas time, wishing everyone a happy holiday season! Check out our holiday video greeting on Facebook, just click here.

Couples Group

Painted Horses, LLC is starting a couples group to meet Friday’s from 5:30pm to 7:00pm starting on September 24th. We are looking for one more couple to join this group. Call if interested 207/837-7671.


Painted Horses LLC is offering a “Women’s Group” that will meet every Tuesday from 5:30-7:00pm starting on the 28th of September. We have two more openings for this group. Call us if interested in joining 207/837-7671. The purpose of the group is to work on effectively coping with indentified stressor/issues that affect women in society today. Ofcourse, like always, we will enlist the horses to help us.

Live Therapy

Live Therapy
“So what is EAP”, this is a question I have heard often since starting Painted Horses LLC in 2005. Simply put, it is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I call it “Live therapy”. It seems “live” to me (as a clinician) as we use horses as a therapeutic tool in the counseling process. Therefore, we get to observe people’s communication patterns, problem solving ability, how well they regulate emotions, how responsive they are to themselves (i.e. their level of confidence, their self-esteem), to their family, how responsive they are to the horses, how well they keep themselves safe. It is the reflection of these types of observations to participants who are experiencing this type of therapy that promotes emotional growth and learning to occur in a prompt effective manner. This type of therapy does not include riding, and is not therapeutic-riding; all the interactions/tasks with the horses are preformed on the ground. The therapeutic treatment team consists of a clinician, an equine specialist, and a horse.

Supporting Our Community

  Painted Horses LLC is part of the Richmond community, we thought this would be a creative way to support the community and promote our services at the same time.  Have a listen……. Painted Horses LLC Richmond Days Ad      This ad can be heard on WMME Moose 92,  Kool am, B98.5 Central Maine’s Country On July 24th and July 25th 2010.

In the beginning:

  Standing in Mother’s Shadow

We all start somewhere!

Indaia was born July 31, 2009 in our barn.  It has been an indescribable event witnessing this new foal experience life from her first breaths, first stand, first nursing, to learning about herself, her relationship with her mother and the other herd members.  Each experience seems to be filled with curious learning, excitement and healthy fear as she explores her new world. The knowledge she gains from her experiences imprints in her memory, which she then draws upon to approach her new life experiences.   

Her mother is very influential in teaching her about her world right now.  She is showing Indaia how to eat, stay close to her, what is safe and unsafe, how to manage the other herd members, and people.  Indaia is literally and metaphorically in her mother’s shadow.  One day she will combine what she has learned from her mother and her own experiences and step out of her mother’s shadow.   Her future will be as she chooses it to be. 

We as people enter life, and learn in similar ways as  Indaia.  We all start somewhere, learn from our family and life experiences and move forward to becoming our own person.  Each moment is a new moment that we may approach in any manner that we choose. Our future’s are as we choose for them to be. 

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